Mystic Tan®

There is simply not a better spray booth available
than the Jill's Beach custom MyMyst HD.

Mystic Tan is a private system that uses patented technology. You don’t have to worry about UV rays or any weird chemicals. There is no possibility of streaking or running because the machine hits every part of your body evenly. The solution is aerated like a mist, not wet, so the color can never run.

Each MyMyst cartridge is unsealed when you enter the booth, so there is no chance of our color becoming old or tainted. That orange hue is what happens when you use the old spray tan systems.

We offer cosmetic quality bronzers and scents to customize your spray experience. There are 4 different color levels to choose from, and we help you decide which level is best for you skin and your desired color.

If you’ve ever felt the cold, wet sensation the old spray tan booths, you will love our HD systems. They are heated and dry you off automatically for a much more comfortable experience. The heated dryer also sets the color perfectly, so you can get dressed as soon as you are done with no worries of ruining your color!

*Please note, due to the high demand of our HD Mystic booths if you are unable to make your appoinment please call to reschedule. Appointments not cancelled or rescheduled are subject to a session forfeiture.

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