Sunless Prep and After-care for Spray Tanning

Follow the steps below to achieve the best spray tan:

1. Exfoliate
    -Use an exfoliating scrub with a bath sponge or a rough loofah to remove dry, dead skin. You will have to wash off the scrub     afterward.
2. Shave
    -Shave everywhere you normally shave such as legs, bikini area, underarms, face, etc. Avoid shaving with products that have an oily or     soapy residue. Be sure to wash off any shaving products with soap or appropriate body wash after shaving.
3. Shower
    -Bar soap or a body wash from Jill’s Beach is best. Be very sure you do not bathe with a product that has mineral oil in it as this will     inhibit color.    
3. No Lotion
    -Avoid any lotion or moisturizer. Lotions will leave a residue that will block the spray application.
    -Think of your skin as a blank canvas for the spray to be applied.
4. Use deodorant sparingly
5. We recommend you wear dark, loose fitting clothing directly after the  spray if adding bronzer. You can wear anything for the clear Mystic tan except socks, sports bras, and super-tight clothing.
6. A prep product is always recommended before spraying to balance out the pH in your skin. Ask about the Hydrator to balance and hydrate your skin before the spray. You can apply this at home right before you spray or when you get to the salon.

Customize your Mystic Tan

We offer products that we add directly to your Mystic cartridge to fit your needs with no extra prep for you.
- Bronzer - For instant color!
- Accelerator - Makes the color develop in 5-6 hours, so you can get your glow in half the time!
- Scents - Helps get rid of the “Mystic smell” and makes your experience in the booth a therapeutic one!  

1. Gently wash hands about 30 minutes after spray application.
2. DO NOT shower, get wet, sweat, or get any oils on your skin for at least 4-6 hours after the spray application. It takes 10-12 hours for the color to completely develop. If you shower 4-10 hours after your spray, you will stop the color development where it is. No more color will develop after 12 hours, so it is fine to shower at that time.
3. Avoid chlorine pools and salt water if possible--both will strip away your gorgeous tan, fading it faster.
4. Moisturize twice daily to help maintain color. Avoid all products that contain any of the following:
           - Mineral Oil
           - Petrolatum
           - Waxes (bees, canuba, emulsifying)
         All of the above listed will strip your tan and dry out your skin.

Jill’s Beach carries the ideal products to maintain your spray tan. Ask a tanning consultant to recommend body washes, lotions, and scrubs to ensure the prep and maintenance of your spray tan is perfect!










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