The Best Equipment Available...

All of our equipment is the best in the industry, it really is. We spared no expense on our beds, so you spare no expense on your tan. All of the equipment is high output and delivers unparalleled tanning results. Find your Beach today.

We have the science of tanning down pat and we will tan you darker, smarter and faster than other salon, we guarantee it!

The Sun Angel

sun angel tanning bedSensor controlled tanning with perfectly calibrated UV light for your unique skin type.

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Open Sun 1050

100% true High Pressure machine means no reddening and all browning.

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Affinity 500 Series

12 minutes of balanced tanning with just enough UVB to stimulate melanin production and the perfect amount of UVA to oxidise it.

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Ambition 250

15 minutes beds with 3 HP facials. Available at all locations.

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252 Stand Up

Stand ups offer the most amount of UVB out of any bed on the market for great instant color. These 12 minute max booths are available at all locations.

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Sundash 100 Series

This bed is a good way to start off before "graduating" to a high powered bed. 

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Mystic Tan

The overnight spray tan preferred by the stars. Come see why we are called the Triangle's Best Spray Tan. Need a custom Spray Tan? Click here.

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