252 Stand Up

alt Our 252 stand ups offer the most amount of UVB out of any bed on the market. These 12 minute max booths are available at all locations and are UVB powerhouses!

All skin tans differently and we have the perfect equipment to tan your skin type the best! Stand up tanning booths offer more even tanning in a free and open environment. Since you can move freely and hold up your arms, you get an all over even tan. Our stand up booths have poles on either side so you can hold up your arms comfortably, at any height. In addition, our stand up booths also use a different type of lamp with a built-in reflector that directs all of the rays out toward you.

Eliminate tan lines and pressure points (light areas) with our stand up tanning booths.  If you get pressure points, say goodbye with 1 session. Since you are not touching the acrylic, there are no areas with more or less pressure--the results are gorgeous, even color!

Our 252's are the perfect bed for a large dose of Vitamin D and are the best option to help treat Psoriasis and Eczema.












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