Open Sun 1050

100% true High Pressure machine means no reddening and all browning. Exclusively at our 40/42 location, the Open Sun 1050 will blast you through your tanning plateau!

The Open Sun 1050 will pull your melanin to its darkest level in just 1 session or can create a complete tan in just 3 sessions.  5 pods of true high-pressure lamps surround you and produce deep, dark, gorgeous, glowing skin.

The Open Sun makes you feel like you are tanning under the open sky because it has an open canopy to eliminate that closed-in feeling. This bed is perfect for the tanner with a busy schedule, because you hold your color for about 7 days. With no reddening rays, you can't get sunburned, so no matter where you are in your tanning cycle, you can reap the benefits of a full session in this bed.

The ultimate tanning experience awaits you in the Open Sun 1050. This pure high-pressure sunbed leaves nothing to be desired by even the most seasoned tanners. Power, comfort and 100% browning; the Open Sun 1050 has everything.











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