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Jill always says, our biggest asset is our girls. Most of our clients have never heard the kind of information we give our clients. Many of our customers had never been educated about the differences between the beds, the need to rotate between beds, and what the heck lotion really does. They had never met our tanning consultants. You won’t find another salon with such knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable consultants. We make sure they know their stuff, so you get the guidance you need to make sense of it all.  Each employee is of course certified by the state of North Carolina, but Jill’s Beach training goes far beyond the norm. We preach the “Science of Tanning” in order to tan the best, fastest, and healthiest ways possible. We are all trained according to the “no burn policy.” Even getting pink slows down the tanning process and can cause lasting damage to your beautiful skin. Remember, moderate tanning is the best policy. We have clients who are getting a quick base tan so they won’t burn on vacation, treating a medical issue like psoriasis, tanning year round for the mood boost, and many other scenarios. Clients come in with different tanning goals, and we will recommend the best package and products for your objectives and your budget. Don’t hesitate to ask us a question, request a recommendation, or even make a suggestion.

Tanning Lotions & Skin Care Products

Tanning lotions do 4 main things: They accelerate your melanin production, so you create more melanin than you would on your own--think of an espresso shot for your tan. Tanning lotions also hydrate your skin. When skin cells are dry, they die off and turn white, thus reflecting light away. Lotions help you absorb more light, making the most of each session. Plus, the sun dries out anything. Who cares if your skin is brown if it is dry and rough? Thirdly, many tanning lotions have bronzer, which add instant and/or delayed topical color to your skin. Lastly, almost all of our top quality lotions offer active anti-ageing ingredients. We all know tanning isn’t the best way to keep your skin looking youthful, which is why you need lotions to combat the ageing properties of UV light. It’s like having your cake and eating it too! Anti-cellulite, anti-reddening, anti-wrinkle, and firming components are just some of the properties in our tanning lotions. Not to mention you actually smell good when you leave the tanning salon!

After-tan lotion is often forgot about, but is a tanner’s and spray-tanner’s best friend. They greatly increase the longevity of your tan which can save you time and money if you can tan less often. They ensure the tan skin you have (from UV light or spray color) thrives for as long as possible. If it dries up and dies off, so does your golden glow. This lotion helps add back into your skin what tanning takes out--mainly moisture. Anti-oxidants provide even more anti-ageing support. For sprayers, it is even more important to use proper hydrators often so your spray lasts longer and fades evenly.










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