Jill Donovan


Jill and her Mom Joanne started Jill’s Beach at our Western Blvd. location in 2002. Jill’s love for tanning and belief in the power of the sun started at young age when she first saw a tanning bed in her Godmother’s bedroom. “I was amazed you could lay in there and harness the power of the sun, I was too young to use it, but I knew it was something very special.” Since then Jill has worked hard to educate clients on the benefits of UV light and the importance of proper tan times to avoid overexposure and maximize results. Skincare and the perfect kiss of color are the staples of the Jill’s Beach business model. Whether it’s in a bed or our spray booths, you can rest assured that you are in the best tanning hands possible. It’s been a passion and a labor of love since day 1!

Kristina Balog


Kristina joined the Jill’s Beach team within a year of our first salon opening. She worked her way up from a bed cleaner to now our Director of Operations. Kristina is dedicated to educating clients on proper skin care, the benefits of UV light and how to achieve the perfect spray tan. No joke, she is the MASTER of the spray tan! She also manages our exceptional team of Tanning Consultants through continued education, meetings, daily check in’s, unlimited support and appreciation for a job well done.


Brittany joined the Jill’s Beach team in 2013. Her love for customer service and tanning was evident from day one. She quickly moved her way up to General Manager and is dedicated to business development and education. Brittany equips our team and clients alike with the best skin care knowledge and the benefits of UV light.